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Tops, Tags, and Wheelchairs: Sweethearts Newsletter September 2023 (Volume 6)

Hello, Amazing Sweethearts!

As we wave goodbye to winter and welcome the gentle embrace of spring, we're about to take you on a journey filled with heartwarming moments and incredible stories. Get ready for a dose of inspiration as we shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes—the Sweethearts who bring kindness to life.

In this September edition, we're celebrating YOU, our wonderful Sweethearts! We're unveiling stories that tug at your heartstrings, and you'll hear from the real heroes, the families. Plus, we're keeping you in the loop about the six beneficiaries currently at the top of our wheelchair waiting list, all thanks to your fantastic #topsandtags efforts.

Dive into the Newsletter Here: [

Sweethearts Newsletter September 2023 (Volume 6)
Download PDF • 6.17MB

] ( It's a treasure trove of inspiration that will leave you brimming with warmth and sunshine.

Your unwavering support powers our mission, and together, we're creating life-changing moments and building a brighter future.

And never forget, every single #topsandtags you collect leaves an incredible impact on our environment and the lives of our beneficiaries, big or small—YOU ARE MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN! Thank you, Sweethearts! "


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