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Tops, Tags, and Wheelchairs: Sweethearts Newsletter October 2023 (Volume 7)

Dear Sweethearts, How did October sneak up on us so quickly? Time flies, but every moment with you feels like a warm embrace! In this month's newsletter, the vibe is buzzing with excitement, much like our beloved Bokke securing the World Cup Rugby Championship! Go Bokke! Our Sweethearts community continues to radiate rays of positivity, and we're overjoyed to present the October 2023 issue of our newsletter—packed with updates that are sweeter than peanut butter and jam (or should we say, jam only!). Access the Newsletter Online: Dive into this treasure trove of inspiration and joy. It's your dose of warmth and uplifting stories. With Disability Rights Awareness Month starting on November 3rd, your support is more crucial than ever. Kindly spare a moment to help us by filling out our survey. Your insights propel our mission forward. Your unwavering support fuels the magic we create, dear Sweethearts. Together, we're crafting life-changing moments and building a brighter future. Capture and share snapshots of your #topsandtagsforwheelchairs journey. Your contributions are a vital part of our ongoing impact. Until next month, let's continue spreading love and kindness! Yours in Wheels, The Sweethearts Foundation #SweetheartWhispers #SpreadThe

Sweethearts Newsletter October 2023 (Volume 7)
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