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Tops, Tags, and Wheelchairs: Sweethearts Newsletter August 2023 (Volume 5)

Dear Sweethearts,

What a month July has been, with unexpected snow in Gauteng and chilly days all around. But through it all, our Sweethearts community has shone as rays of sunshine! We're thrilled to present the August 2023 issue of our monthly newsletter, a celebration of our incredible community and the meaningful ways you can get involved. In this edition, you'll find: Mandela's Wheels of Change – An inspiring update on our ongoing mission. Recent Wheelchair Handovers – Heartwarming moments of impact. Various Ways to Contribute – Including Casual Day 2023, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, and recycling initiatives. Spotlight on a Remarkable Individual – A story that will inspire and uplift. Creative Collection Ideas – Ways to gather #topsandtagsforwheelchairs. Access the Newsletter Online: Click on this link to dive right in: It's a treasure trove of inspiration and joy that will leave you brimming with warmth.

Sweethearts Newsletter August 2023 (Volume 5)
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Your unwavering support fuels our mission, dear Sweethearts. Together, we're creating life-changing moments and building a brighter future. Don't forget to capture and share snapshots of your #topsandtagsforwheelchairs journey. Your contributions are a vital part of our ongoing impact.


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