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Giving the Gift of Mobility Thanks to our Incredible Partners

Get ready for a momentous annou

ncement that warms our hearts and fuels our mission with boundless hope! The Sweethearts Foundation is beyond thrilled to share that six precious lives are on the verge of a transformative journey to newfound mobility, all thanks to the extraordinary benevolence of our incredible supporters.

Let's give a heartfelt salute to our remarkable donors, Mary Oppenheimer Daughters (Pty) Ltd and LottoStars’ The Star Foundation, who have poured their hearts into our cause with monumental donations of R75,000.00 each. This donation not only means wheelchairs to those in need but has also set a new record as the single highest donation The Sweethearts Foundation has received to date for purchasing wheelchairs. Apart from the amazing donations, both these organisations continue to collect #topsagstags and serve as collection point in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

Your generosity isn't just a contribution; it's a beacon of light illuminating the path to freedom and independence.

To make the impending joy even more palpable, we've sent each soon-to-be recipient a special keyring shaped like their forthcoming mobility solution, whispering, "Keys to Your Mobility - Wheelchair to Follow Soon."

Stay tuned as we capture the sheer bliss of the wheelchairs' arrival, sharing those magical moments with you soon.


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