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WESSA Eco-Schools' "Breadtags for Wheelchair" Project turning bread tags into mobility and education

The Sweethearts Foundation, in partnership with WESSA Eco-Schools, a renowned force in environmental education boasting 693 registered schools nationwide, is embarking on an innovative and impactful initiative in 2024. The "Breadtags for Wheelchair" project represents a unique opportunity for students to drive impactful change by collecting and repurposing bread tags (small plastic clips used to seal bread bags) to support wheelchair acquisition for individuals in need.

Dedicated to empowering communities, The Sweethearts Foundation views a wheelchair not just as a mobility aid but as a fundamental human right.

“Through the collection of bread tags and plastic bottle tops, our innovative approach generates funds that fuel the production of specialised wheelchairs,” said Jessica from The Sweethearts Foundation, further stating; “We are thrilled to collaborate with WESSA Eco-Schools in this project empowering students to effect meaningful change while supporting our mission”

Students from participating Eco-Schools across the country will actively engage in collecting bread tags, in 5 litre water bottles, transforming them into vessels of change. The collected tags will contribute to The Sweethearts Foundation's overall national collection points, which will be repurposed or recycled, generating funds for the project.

At the heart of this initiative is the fusion of environmental consciousness with a tangible impact on the lives of those in need. “By repurposing bread tags, students not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also enable us to provide mobility solutions for individuals in our communities.” Said Jessica

In an effort to incentivise and recognise the enthusiasm and efforts of participating schools, MyWaste has graciously sponsored a picnic bench for the school with the highest bottle count at the culmination of the year-long project. This encourages healthy competition while promoting a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among students and schools.

This amazing collaboration between WESSA Eco-Schools, The Sweethearts Foundation, and MyWaste was made possible through the pivotal role played by EPR Waste Association of South Africa (eWASA). eWASA’s dedication to environmental stewardship and their vision for impactful partnerships has been instrumental in initiating and fostering this collaboration.

"The 'Breadtags for Wheelchair' project represents a harmonious blend of environmental consciousness and social impact. It's about instilling values of sustainability in our future generations while making a meaningful difference in people's lives. We're grateful for the collaboration and support The Sweethearts Foundation’s creative and impactful way to repurpose waste to support a cause," said Terry Matyalana, WESSA’s strategic lead for Schools, Programmes and Projects.

As The Sweethearts Foundation and WESSA Eco-Schools gears up for the launch of this nationwide initiative, the organisations invite all other schools and stakeholders to join hands in this mission, marking a significant step towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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