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Breadtags for Wheelchairs Sponsored by eWASA

Ewasa, the EPR Waste Association of South Africa, continues to spearhead impactful initiatives, and the latest in their line-up is the noteworthy "Breadtags for Wheelchairs" project. As a registered Producer Responsibility Organisation committed to environmental stewardship, Ewasa has taken a visionary step to prevent waste from entering landfills while contributing to the essential cause of providing mobility solutions to those in need. Under the patronage of Ewasa, the Breadtags for Wheelchairs project has flourished into a beacon of sustainability and social responsibility. This innovative venture not only addresses environmental concerns by recycling breadtags but also transforms them into wheelchairs, offering newfound mobility to disadvantaged individuals across South Africa In a noteworthy move, Ewasa's support has paved the way for a strong collaboration between The Sweethearts Foundation and Breadtags for Wheelchairs. While conventional wisdom might have seen these organizations as competitors, Ewasa's strategic backing has turned them into partners, amplifying the impact of their shared mission. This collaboration enhances both recycling initiatives and the provision of wheelchairs, creating a more substantial positive influence. Adding to the momentum, The Sweethearts Foundation has introduced convenient countertop tubs for easy breadtag drop-offs. Encouraging community participation in the recycling initiative, these tubs are now available for order. Supporters can get their collection tubs by reaching out to To provide a comprehensive view of the recycling process for wheelchairs, iNKhaus media has crafted a sponsored video. Made possible through Ewasa's generous support, the video not only explains the process intricately but also emphasizes the collective impact of The Sweethearts Foundation and Breadtags for Wheelchairs. Watch the video on both organizations' online platforms: Link to Video.


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