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Thiza receives his Gift of Movement

Meet Thiza, an 18-year-old boy born and raised in Maile, a rural village of Rustenburg, South Africa. Thiza has cerebral palsy, a severe condition that has left him unable to crawl, walk, speak, or even sit on his own. Despite this, Thiza is a very bubbly and friendly person who always wants to be in a wheelchair for mobility and to connect with people around him.

Thiza's family received a standard wheelchair from the government when he turned three, but it didn't support his head, causing a lot of discomfort and even more harm to his spine and posture. The family had to make homemade belts to prevent a slip and fall, but they weren't perfect and hurt Thiza.

Unfortunately, Thiza was still on the waiting list for a specialized wheelchair since 2017, and he desperately needed one to address his needs. At The Sweethearts Foundation, we believe that everyone deserves access to basic human rights, including the right to a wheelchair. That's why we collected tops and tags, raised funds, and gifted Thiza with a beautiful new wheelchair just a few days ago.

When we saw Thiza's reaction, it made everything worth it. We're proud to create a more earth-friendly environment and advocate for basic human rights, and we're grateful for the opportunity to give Thiza the gift of movement!


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