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Alicia needs your help!

Meet Alicia, a remarkable 12-year-old girl with mixed CP Dystonic and Spestic, who never lets her physical challenges stop her from chasing her dreams. Despite being unable to sit independently or use her hands, she won a medal for her positive attitude towards life in 2019, and loves mathematics and singing and dancing with her

friends at school. Alicia needs our help to get a wheelchair and an adapted toilet seat surround/commode to improve her mobility and gain more independence. Donating our bottle tops and bread tags can make a difference, or alternatively, any form of donation is welcome. The total cost for both items is R13,904.39 (6952.20kg of bottle tops and bread tags). Together, we're not just saving the planet with our recycling efforts - we're also turning #topsandtags into wheels of freedom! Our 'wheelie' awesome program helps us provide wheelchairs and support for those in need. So next time you finish


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