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Giving the
Gift of Mobility

Please help us give the gift of mobility to the poor and marginalised of our society by supporting us financially or by collecting tops and tags which we sell to recyclers.





tons bottle tops


tons bread tags


collection points

handed over to beneficiaries



...and growing

Meet our heroes,
Topsy & Tags

Topsy and Tags met on a dumpsite and set off on a mission to teach people how to become a sweetheart and change people's lives while saving the environment.

Help gift a wheelchair while reducing plastic pollution and creating jobs

By recycling plastic tops and tags, not only are you helping someone who needs a wheelchair, but you are playing your part in preserving the future of our beautiful green planet while supporting the circular economy.

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Join the #WheelchairCEOChallenge

to make a difference and have fun simultaneously!
By spending a day in a wheelchair, you can raise awareness and funds for the Sweethearts Foundation's mission. To participate, make a small donation and spend a day in a wheelchair. Share your experience to spread awareness about the challenges faced by people with disabilities.


Request a Wheelchair

Not just a form, but a pathway to newfound mobility. If you or someone you know needs a wheelchair, become a Sweethearts beneficiary. We're dedicated to helping swiftly, but the speed relies on Tops and Tags collections and funding. Fill the form with care, ensuring every detail is shared. Your journey to enhanced mobility starts here.

Reflecting on Where Your #topsandtags Are Going at the Moment - Keep the Momentum Going!

Major milestones

Our Proud Partners

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